Employee Maintenance

This IPS module provides user with the options to process different employee actions, or simply make changes in employee records.
  1. Go to Human Resources menu, and click on Employees.
  2. Select one of the following: Employment Actions
  3. Indicate if the employee is eligible for Rehire by clicking on "Yes" or "No" in the Eligible for Rehire section.
  4. Use the Additional Comments section to enter any termination-related information. Some system users may prefer to leave this section blank. Some other users use this section to enter comments about the employee performance, or about the situation that led to the termination. The comments entered are stored within the employee record and eventually can provide a valuable reference for the HR staff when evaluating a possible rehire.

    Examples of comments could be:
    "Good employee. Always punctual and reliable."
    "Excellent employee. Job performance usually exceeded expectations."
    "Employee quit after getting a job offer from a different company."
    "Employee work quality was below average, and his productivity did not meet company expectations."
  5. Click on Terminate.

IPS could reject the employee termination if any of these situations occur:
For Dominican Republic only:

When terminating an employee in Dominican Republic, the system will present user with the following checkboxes depending on the termination type:
  1. Voluntary
  2. Involuntary

Once the user clicks on the Add button, the system will show all fields grayed out, and the record will be stored in a table named "Termination Notice"
The Termination Notice details are stored just as they were entered.

Now every time the employee record is accessed, the system will display a warning message on top of the page: "Employee record has a Termination Notice".

A "View" link will be displayed next to the warning message in order to review, double check, change or delete the Notification record anytime, as long as employee is still active.

If user chooses to delete the termination notice, one message of confirmation will appear (language will be according your IE settings).

After that, the system will display the confirmation message.

The warning message "Employee record has a Termination Notice" will still appear on the upper part in the Employee section.

User just needs to change to another menu or employee page, and the data will be refreshed, and message will no longer appear.

HR users who have entered Termination Notices will receive an email alert two days before intended termination date. However, IPS Administrators may change this parameter upon user request.
This email is for informative purposes only as the system WILL NOT terminate any employee automatically. The user must terminate employee using the interface or the global update feature.

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