Employee Maintenance - Payroll Section

This section presents user with selected employee data only. It also allows the user to navigate between employee records by using the arrows in the upper part of the screen. Please note most of the data is grayed out, which means it is non-editable from this module.
  1. Go to Human Resources. Click on Employees.
  2. Enter Employee WIN and click on 'Lookup Employee', or click on 'List' to select desired record from employee listings.
  3. Once the employee record is shown, click on the 'Payroll' tab in the Employee Maintenance page. Employee data stored under this tab include:
  4. Click on Change to update employee record.

Pay Category Information

All data contained under this section is FEPS-related, and appears grayed out. In order to modify any value in this section, please click on the Go to Salary Adjustment / Pay Type Change Screen link.

Supervisor Information

It refers to the individual who is responsible for overseeing the employee work, and it is a mandatory field. Information appears grayed-out. Click on the corresponding link to be redirected to the Supervisor Change page.

Local Business Coordinator

It refers to the individual who is identified as the employee local supervisor. The Local Business Coordinator works in the same site as the employee, and holds a higher ranked position. It is important to keep in mind that in some cases, employee supervisor and local business coordinator may be the same person. In some other cases, the local business coordinator will not apply, and could therefore be left blank since this is not a mandatory field. Follow these steps to set employee Local Business Coordinator:
  1. Click on Search button. A new window will popup where user can enter coordinator WIN, or lookup by First/Last Name. Click on Reset button to start a new search.
  2. Double click on desired record in the Search Results section, and Local Business Coordinator will be added.
  3. If necessary, click on the Blank button to delete coordinator information.
  4. Click on Change to complete process.

NOTE: Employee manager can update Supervisor, Manager Self Service checkbox and Employee Email Address via GMSS

Work Schedule Information

Enter the employee's work schedule, indicate the corresponding values for each day in the format: 9:00, 7:00. 8:00, etc.
If employee has a regular schedule, just enter the values in the "Regular" column and check the boxes aside so the same values will be copied and pasted into every day.

Every employee is assigned to a FEPS structure, and each SBUID, Location or Team has a different configuration in its own Work Schedule.
These settings are managed under Maintenance / System Settings Menu. If some employee belongs in a particular FEPS structure where his/her work schedule is different than that of the rest of the employees, then use these fields in order to set the correct personal work schedule.

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