Employee Maintenance - Comp & Review Section

Information contained under this tab is related to employee compensation and job description.
  1. Go to Human Resources. Click on Employees.
  2. Enter Employee WIN and click on 'Lookup Employee', or click on 'List' to select desired record from employee listings.
  3. Once the employee record is shown, click on the 'Comp & Review' tab in the Employee Maintenance page. Please note that most data appears grayed out (non-editable).
  4. Click on the Job Code/Title Change/Reclassification Screen link to be redirected to the page where changes in employee record can be made.
Bonus Plan Bonus Plan breakdown

Once a Bonus Plan has been added, this section will become visible and will allow users to delete or modify plans whenever necessary as company policies dictate.
Detail of employe current Bonus Plan (or plans) will be shown in this box.
  1. Use provided checkboxes to Delete bonus plan permanently, or to move it to History, where it will remain in a historic database for consultation purposes.
  2. Clicking on SHOW HISTORY BONUS to review a list of all bonus plans which have been added to this record over the course of employee tenure with the company. Once the history bonus plans list is displayed, the link changes its name to HIDE HISTORY BONUS, giving user the option to make that list invisible again. Page standard view will only show employee Active Bonus Plans.
  3. Click on Change button to complete process.

Compensation Information

Data contained in this section appears grayed-out. Click on the corresponding link in order to make changes in employee record.

Go to Performance ReviewGo to Promotion/Demotion screenGo to Salary Adjustment/Pay Type Change
Job History

This section provides a summary of all changes which have been made in employee record. Click on 'Effective Date' to sort rows from the newest change to the oldest, or vice versa.

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