Employee Maintenance - Tax Information

General Information

All employee data stored under Tax Information is considered of sensitive nature. Therefore, it is visible only for users whose access privileges include "HR View" (HR Managers or Generalists).

Field names in this section will vary from country to country depending on local company requirements. Human Resources representatives can make specific requests about which information they need to view in this section and how they need the data to be displayed.

All employee information contained in these fields may include alphanumeric or special characters. For example, a Federal Tax ID number in some region could be entered as 123-455-799, 123455799, or as 1-234-55799, all depending on the specific system validations that had been required.

There are, however, four standard fields that will always be visible in this section regardless the company code in user session:
  1. Federal Tax ID: It refers to the number or key that each government issues to all citizens (and foreign workers) to identify them as taxpayers, so the corresponding tax payments can be collected, especially those derived from local labor laws, such as income tax.
  2. Social Security Number: It refers to government-issued number or key that identifies all citizens (and foreign workers), so they can be considered for benefits related to local social security.

    Either Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number can be set as a local national identification number. This means that in case some country has a similar identification key under a different name, IPS administrators can apply the necessary validations and rename field accordingly.

    For example: In company code CHNA (China), Federal Tax ID appears now as Identification Card Number. In CHLE (Chile), it is the RUT (Rol Unico Tributario), and in FRA (France), it has been renamed as INSEE code (Institut national de la statistique et des ├ętudes ├ęconomiques).
    On the other hand, if those two fields are currently in use but the company still needs one or more additional fields of similar characteristics, user may submit a request so the new field (s) is added in that particular country configuration.
  3. Bank Account: Enter bank account number. This number refers to the bank account where employee wages are deposited.
    NOTE: Considering that in most company sites employee bank account numbers must be associated with only one employee, if user attempts to enter the same number in two different employee records, the action will result in an error message. Consequently, the second record will not be updated.
    However, if local company policies allow multiple employees to share the same bank account number, the HR department may submit a request to the IPS administrators, so that functionality can be made available for that particular country.
  4. Pay Type: It refers to the way each employee receives pay. Select one of the following:
The following fields may also be displayed regularly, as long as they are appropriately setup by the system administrators: This functionality is intended to allow a particular company user to include one or more banks in the local selection menu, and it is normally used in those countries where IPS is the local payroll application, like Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala or Philippines. Nevertheless, it can be made available for any other country upon user request.

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