Employee Maintenance - General

This section includes selected basic employee information. It also allows the user to navigate between employee records by using the arrows in the upper part of the screen.
Data which appears under this particular tab include: NOTE: Use the field % on the right of Cost Center to specify the percentage of employee pay that must be charged to that particular account.
Operations Structure

This refers to the organizational hierarchy according the FEPS, which is different from the common HR hierarchy. Information shown under this section inlcudes: IPS Hierarchy is managed and updated by the HRIS team. Email HRIS@xerox.com for assistance or clarification regarding employee hierarchy.

Adding Employee photo

Once a new employee has been added in the system, the user has the option of adding the employee picture to the record.
  1. Take employee picture and use employee WIN to name image file. Digital photo may be saved as a .jpg, .bmp or .png type. For example: 99999999.jpg Please keep in mind that file size must not exceed 300 kbs.
  2. Save image file in user hard drive.
  3. Search for employee record, and locate the "Picture File Location" field (right side of screen).
  4. Click on "Browse" button to search for image file.
  5. Locate image file and click on "Open".
  6. Make sure the file path is added in the Picture File Location field.
  7. Click on "Change" button (bottom left).
  8. Message "Employee record has been updated" will appear on top right of screen.
  9. Employee photo will be displayed.


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