Using the Unlock Key

Unlock Key allows users to reset their passwords or unblock their accounts in case they have been blocked.
Once a new user account is created, the system will prompt the new user to update his Unlock Key as he logs in for the first time.

Updating user Unlock Key
  1. Go to System / User Profile.
  2. Enter a valid email address.
  3. Enter UnLock Key.
  4. Enter a Hint. This can be a word, phrase, or sentence, that is somehow related to user Unlock Key, thus can help him to remember it. Hint can be as long as 128 characters, spaces included.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. NOTE: Regional Settings in your PC have to be set to “US format”. Click on Start / Control Panel / Regional Settings in your PC. If you cannot see Regional Settings, please contact your local IT staff.

Forgot your Password?
IPS allows users to retrieve their passwords in case they forget them.
In case a user does not remember his login password, he may follow these indications:
  1. Click on the link Forgot/Blocked your password? in the log on screen.
  2. A new window will pop up. Enter User ID and Unlock key, e.g. Do not Drive and Drink.
  3. If Unlock key has been forgotten, then click on Request Password to retrieve it.
  4. Click on View Password to retrieve Unlock Key.
  5. Enter User Id.
  6. Click on question mark at the end of Unlock Key field. A new window will pop up showing user Hint to remember Unlock Key. Click on OK to close window.
  7. Enter Unlock Key.
  8. The system will show user password in a new window.
  9. If user has a valid email address, IPS will send an email message which will include user password and IP address of the computer where it was requested from as well.

NOTE: - Valid email addresses include those where domain belongs to Xerox, like,,, etc.
Email addresses where domain belongs to a company client, or any other commercial domain, will not be allowed in system access user record.

Your account has been blocked?
The system will block the user account in case any of these situations occur: UnLock Key cannot be used when user account has been blocked. In this case, user must contact

Reset Password
Any IPS user may reset his own password if necessary:
  1. Click on Reset Password after using the UnLock Key.
  2. A new window will pop up and provide a Temporary Password, which will also be sent to the user via email.
  3. Use temporary password to log in. When logging in, the system will say that password has expired and will prompt user to set a new personal password.
  4. Use temporary password as Old Password when making the change.

Password Expiration
For security reasons, all IPS user passwords expire after 60 days. When password expires, user will be taken to the Change Password screen right after logging in, and will be prompted to set a new password.

Deletion of Accounts
IPS user accounts are deleted in the following cases: