Vacation Schedule

In company offices where IPS is used as the local payroll application along with the FEPS, this feature offers users from the HR department a functionality to: Scheduling employee vacation:
  1. Go to the Human Resources menu and Select Vacation Schedule.
  2. Enter Employee Id.
  3. Click on Search.
  4. User may click on List (upper left) to see all employees listed under user acces privileges. Then click on Change (far right) to select the desired employee.
  5. Select the current anniversary from the drop down menu in the field Seniority.
  6. Leave Date - Use the calendar in the drop-down menu to enter the date in which employee will start his/her vacation period.
  7. Click on Check Vacation Info. The Leave Date will be added in the field First Leave Date. Also, the user will be able to see how the incidences VACAT are added in the employee attendance record (bottom of page). The incidences will only be added in those considered as working days, depending on the employee SBU Work Schedule. Also, they will match the corresponding number in Vacation Days.

    For example: If SBU Work Schedule is Monday trhu Friday, the incidences will only cover Monday thru Friday.
    Rest Days (RESTD) and Sundays (SUN) will not be considered as vacation days.
    Incidences will remain in the employee attendance record unless changed before the end date of the pay period prior to the Leave Date.
In case the employee total vacation days are to be split in two or more separate periods, IPS offers the funcionality to move some of the vacation days ahead in the calendar:
  1. Click on the Date that needs to be moved. Vacation days from the selected date and over will be moved to a new start date.
    A new window will appear and the user will be prompted to reschedule vacation days (New Schedule).
  2. Click on Apply Change to complete the process. Vacation Pay amount will be generated once the previous pay period is closed and frozen.

    For example:
    If Leave Date is 2/6/09, then Vacation Pay will be generated after the period 1/31/09 has been closed and frozen.
    If Leave Date is 11/22/09, then Vacation Pay will be generated after the period 11/15/09 has been closed and frozen.

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